September Fishing

September 29, 2017
My buddy Kenny G and I tried finessing Crappie today, but with all the rain within the last few days the water was stained and the action was far in-between.
So I dropped hardware down as to give a flash for better visibility and the action picked up.
It was still challengingly, having to bounce around to different spots every half hour or so. Still a great day on the water with a old friend.
This is probably my last open water day with the boat this year, until I go back for walleye next spring, so postings will be limited from here on out.
Lakes Sharpe, Thompson, Poinsett, Whitewood, Albert, and Sinai are all doing well for a fall bite.
I'm already itching for next Spring!
Will post my Spring and Fall special and any other updates this coming Jan and Feb. Be safe, and enjoy the Holidays coming around the corner.⚓
Andre' Adams

Fall fishing South Dakota

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