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What’s new on Lake Thompson

Lake Thompson is still producing a large number of fish in a variety of species. I've been fishing this lake since early 1990's, and I've never been disappointed. It's a big lake with lots of structure.   As you can see up above, you never know what your gonna get while chasing walleye. I LOVE IT!…
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Ice fishing report 2016

Winter walleye As winter sets in with thicker ice and colder days, and when I say colder days, I'm talking 20 degrees above zero to 20 degrees below. Winter walleye head deeper below the thermo line. Major points feeding into the lake along with submerged rock piles, humps and stock dams, in or near deep,…
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American Vets win free a day of fishing – WINNER ANNOUNCED

Congratulations to Keith Michals of Mankato, MN as the winner of the 2016 free day of fishing drawing. I will be guiding Keith and 3 of his loved ones on May 13. I want to thank all those who entered. God bless your for your service. I look forward to our next drawing. [caption id="attachment_745"…
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